Poker face Season 1 had a lot of famous actors and movie stars, and Season 2 now has a lot to live up to. The new murder mystery series is created by writer/director Rian Johnson Knives Out and Glass onionsand Poker face is the perfect television counterpart to the film series. It’s Charlie (Natasha Lyonne), on the run from the Atlantic City mafia boss, who takes him on a journey across the United States, during which he meets the strangest and strangest people, all of whom play. by some of the greatest and most interesting actors working today.

Charlie had been on the run for 14 months in its first season Poker face, but the final episode dropped some big season 2 tips, including Charlie running once again. This means that Charlie will encounter more strange hillbillies and idiot killers with nefarious motives on his travels, and this opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to casting. part of the excitement Poker face We’ve been waiting to see who will open each episode, and with Season 2 confirmed, it could be another revolving door of famous TV actors, Hollywood old timers, and even a few current movie stars.

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10 Michael Imperioli

Michael Imperioli

Michael Imperioli has starred in two huge, award-winning HBO series, as he currently plays Christopher Moltisanti. The Sopranosand he Dominic plays White lotus too. The actor is currently network TV royalty and clearly thrives on mature, R-rated crime series, making him a perfect fit for the mystery show Howdunnit. Imperioli is one of the most dramatic actors who can balance many comedic performances. Given his unique looks and thick accent, if Charlie were to stop in New Jersey on his never-ending tour, it would be interesting to see him cross paths with a TV actor who is absolutely synonymous with Jersey.

9 Amber Midthunder

Movie photo of Naru in booty

Amber Midthunder made her debut in 2022 Beast prequel, Baitand although he didn’t have much dialogue, he carried the film just by his acting and facial expressions. Bait – thought director Dan Trachtenberg Amber was perfect for Midthunder Baitexplaining, “He listened to the scene between him and his mother, but in three different ways. He did it once in English, once in Comanche, and then non-verbally.” His innate ability to communicate in simple phrases is the perfect skill for a show about a human lie detector. Midthunder can be completely unreadable, so his character uses Charlie’s lie detector powers. may be the first person to stop.

8 Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer No

Keke Palmer has a lot of range; he is great in comedy, action and drama. But more than anything else, he’s charismatic, and he’s a scene-stealer in every movie/show, especially Jordan Peele’s sci-fi horror. no. He proved how great a dramatic actor he was even as a teenager Palmer’s role Grey’s Anatomy stands out as an honest portrayal of a teenager facing pregnancy. Provided; Given the Poker face it’s a smart crime drama, but still contains theatrics and absurdity, which is the perfect platform for an eccentric and lively actor. And the role of the killer makes full use of Palmer’s talent.

7 Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom in Inherent Vice

Acting is not Joanna Newsom’s first profession, as she is primarily a musician, but she played a major role in 2014. Permanent vice and took a picture Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Poker face already Jon Darnielle, frontman of the indie band The Mountain Goats, was featured in Rest in Metal 4, so it’s totally possible. But what makes Newsom appear? Poker face the special thing is that Rian Johnson has mentioned that he wants to work with him what’s in my bag episode (via YouTube). Although he spoke on a musical note, it would be great to see the collaboration come to life. Poker face.

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6 Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek as a television psychic in the House of Gucci

Poker face full of strange characters, whether it’s truck driver Marge or incompetent FBI agent Luke Clarke, and Hayek is the perfect addition to an ensemble of kooks. Hayek’s most interesting roles are always a little weird, just like his From noon to dawn and psychic Pina, in House of Gucci. Hayek can walk the tightrope between comedy and drama, and with them Poker face With an assortment of strange characters, he could have put on another iconic, mysterious performance. He hasn’t done much TV work, but he has acted Ugly Bettyanother lively, campy and quirky crime series, so Poker face May refer to Hayek.

5 Tom Waits

Tom is waiting for seven psychopaths

Tom Waits is another musician known for his croaky and haunting rock jams, but Expectations has been in dozens of great movies too. Between Seven psychopaths and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Waits often plays sad and regretful old men, an archetype the musician has perfected, but still pulls off a distinctly different approach each time. Johnson’s projects often feature a wise but tortured old man, such as Nick Nolte’s character. Poker face season 1. So Waits playing a Nolte-like character from season 2 would be a match made in heaven, not to mention that Waits has his own, intentionally creepy side to him.

4 BJ Novak

BJ Novak revenge (2022)

Johnson is a huge fan of murder mystery movies and shows, and pays homage to many of them in all of his projects. Cameo by Angela Lansbury Glass onions. BJ Novak will be in attendance Poker face Season 2 won’t be one of the last Who’s Who movies, RevengeNovak wrote, directed and starred in the film, and the film also takes place in rural America. Novak is also a great character actor who has had success on the hit TV show Officehe also wrote many episodes and Poker face would be a great vessel for his watchful, Gen X schtick.

3 Wanda Sykes

Wanda talks to Larry and Cheryl at home in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Wanda Sykes is a comedian who appeared in Season 1, along with Tim Meadows and Luis Guzman. Poker face. And he often plays loud and angry types, like many of the murder suspects in the series. It’s easy to imagine Sykes playing a character who quickly gets defensive at Charlie’s semi-invasive questions. And based Characteristics of Sykes Curb your passion, Poker face can be a great stage for a comedian’s extreme outbursts. While it’s hard to separate Sykes’ personality from his character, Poker Face did a great job in the makeup department and made the cast unrecognizable.

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2 Danny Glover

Seen - Danny Glover as Detective Tapp

Poker face played by actors of all ages, but the most interesting characters were older characters with nothing to lose, such as Irene and Joyce in Episode 5 of Monkey Time. That’s why Danny Glover can play a great role Poker face Season 2. Glover has always been fun, and he’s never shied away from silly roles before. Return it that’s exactly how serious comedy can be found Poker face. Glover works harder than ever today, but a Poker face This episode, in particular, may give him the biggest platform and most interesting role he’s had in years.

1 Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig in Glass Onion

there is now a Glass onions the expanded universe, as Lyon appeared on a Zoom call with Benoit Blanc. However, the actor played himself and Johnson explained “I guess in the Glass Onion universe, Poker Face is a show being filmed,” and he pointed out that Lyon was even in it Poker face Trailer while zooming. Johnson may just be spitting Poker face is imaginary in the world Knives Outbut anyway, just like Lyon as a cameo Glass onions, it’s only a matter of time before Daniel Craig returns the favor. While it might not be the same as Benoit Blanc, it would be fun to see a crossover.

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