Charles Martinet, the original Mario voice actor, will have voice cameos in the future Super Mario Bros movie, but it undermines Chris Pratt’s casting in several ways. The new animated film adaptation of the popular video game is visually stunning, and the colorful world of the Mario games is beautifully illustrated. Along with the big-budget brilliance of digital effects, big-name actors have been cast as video game celebrity plumbers. Charlie Day voices Luigi and Pratt voices Mario, two characters Martinet has voiced for decades.


Martinet was given cameo voice roles out of respect and can be credited for his significant contribution to the characters. But while Pratt is a hugely successful actor who has starred in several billion-dollar films, he just looks like himself in the trailers. Martinet pointed out that Marioni wants to vote as long as possible, and it could have been the better of the two options, especially after Pratt’s casting controversy. Still, Martinet will be playing an as-yet-unannounced character in the film, and when it does, it’ll distract from Pratt’s voice and perhaps contribute to some awkward comparisons.

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A cameo by an original Mario actor is worse for Chris Pratt’s Super Mario casting

Martinet’s cameos inevitably lead to comparisons between Pratt and Martinet, especially since Pratt was criticized for playing the character. Pratt doesn’t use an Italian accent in part because the studio didn’t want to upset Italian fans. CNET). If so, the studio should have just cast the Italian Martinet. Aaron Horvath and Michael Yelenich, directors Super Mario Bros movie, I think the casting of Chris Pratt is perfectnoting, “The way Mario is portrayed in our movie, he fits it perfectly.” However, when Martinet’s voice is heard in the film, audiences are reminded of how simple a Mario movie sounds.

Mario’s voice is part of what makes him iconic, but Pratt clearly landed the role because of his credibility and the guaranteed audience he brings. However, as few people see Forward, starring Pratt, animated movies don’t need movie stars. The role of Chris Evans Light year, underperformed at the box office, proves it once again. Sonic the hedgehog 2 Tails’ original voice actor Collin O’Shaughnessy was cast in the movie role, which was a big step forward for voice actors, but Mario’s casting is a step back, and it’s no longer obvious when Martinet is first heard.

Who can voice Charles Martinet in Super Mario Bros

metal mario

Super Mario Bros movie the cast is huge, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Charlie Day and many other well-known actors play iconic characters, so Martinet doesn’t leave many options as to who can voice. However, some characters are yet to be announced. Along with Mario and Luigi, Martinet voiced Wario, Waluigi, Baby Mario, Doctor Mario, Metal Mario, and many others. It’s possible that Martinet voiced one of those characters, or another Mario/Luigi variant that appeared briefly. Either way, he won’t be playing Mario or Luigi, which are two roles he has to say.

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