Marvel Studios’ next spinoff series, Marvel Zombies, could provide the perfect replacement for SHIELD in the MCU’s Multiverse Saga. In the MCU, the concept of zombies was introduced in Phase 4 What if…?explored alternate realities in the multiverse after the events of Lokiwith What if…? Season 1, Episode 5, “What If… Zombies?!” premiering in September 2021. Marvel Zombies The storyline in Marvel Comics details an alternate reality where the world’s population has been infected by a deadly virus that has turned some of Marvel’s most popular characters into zombies. The episode spawned an animated spinoff in the MCU, slated for release in 2024.


Marvel Zombies intended to expand the depicted universe What if…?further deepening the alternate reality by introducing new characters and organizations that can be affected. 616-live-action MCU universe. “What if… Zombies?!” It showed the post-apocalypse life of heroes like Peter Parker, Bruce Banner and Hope van Dyn. Marvel Zombies It stars some of the MCU’s newest heroes, including Shang-Chi, Kate Bishop, and Elena Belova. As the MCU’s Multiverse Saga continues, the series events’ Marvel Zombiesoutside of the main MCU continuity, can be very important.

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Marvel’s Zombies Could Debut ARMOR In The MCU

Tony Stark as a zombified Iron Man in Amazing Zombies

The first draft of the MCU, since 2008 Iron manSecret organizations operate in the background of the action, at first revealing only SHIELD, which led to the formation of the Avengers, and then providing secrets. During the SWORD WandaVision. development of Marvel Zombies Their own series in the MCU could lead to the introduction of another organization known as ARMOR, Marvel’s alternate reality monitoring and operational response agency that debuted in 2008 for the MCU. Marvel Zombies 3 #1. ARMOR has yet to be mentioned in the MCU, but his future in the franchise could be bright.

In Marvel Comics, ARMOR was formed as a security force protecting the world from contamination and conflict, and played a major role in protecting against alternate realities in the multiverse. Marvel Zombies story line. With the MCU’s Multiverse Saga in full swing, and Marvel Zombies on the horizon, ARMOR can be presented during the upcoming animated series, especially organizations such as SHIELD and SWORD It probably wouldn’t be equipped to deal with a major threat like a virus outbreak. ARMOR’s debut Marvel Zombies It would be the perfect way to tease their inclusion in the MCU’s main continuity.

ARMOR is the perfect replacement for SHIELD in the Multiverse Saga

Charles Little Sky as the leader of the weapons in the Marvel comics

In the MCU, SHIELD is often seen as an organization set up for global security on Earth, involved in superhero business on Earth before they fall. Captain America: The Winter Soldier Bringing together the original team of Avengers. Nick Fury was originally shown as the director of SHIELD, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, but had little to do with his actions. Earth’s mightiest heroes since Avengers: Age of Ultron. Instead of him and SHIELD, Marvel Studios introduced SWORD to the MCU WandaVisionbut since their focus is on extraterrestrial security, the MCU needs an organization that can provide security against multifaceted threats.

The Multiverse Saga is expanding the MCU mythos beyond what many expected and introducing entirely new universes that pose a major threat to the MCU’s core continuity, especially Avengers: Secret Wars On the cards for the end of Phase 6. ARMOR could be the perfect replacement for an organization like SHIELD in the MCU as the Multiverse Saga progresses, especially since the director of the organization, Charles Little Sky, was chosen for the role due to his awesomeness. the ability to create interdimensional portals similar to The new hero of the MCU is America Chavez. Marvel Zombies The introduction of ARMOR could tease the organization’s debut in the MCU.

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Marvel Studios has already forgotten about SWORD

Monica Rambeau as Swordsman on wandavision

When SWORD debuts WandaVision As the organization controlling Wanda Maximoff’s Hex in Westview, New Jersey, Marvel Studios seemed like the perfect replacement for SHIELD in the MCU. However, apart from mentioning She-Hulk: LawyerThe rest of Phase 4 of the SWORD MCU is all but forgotten. Perhaps they will become more popular as projects. A sneak attack and Miracles Released in Phase 5, however, the smaller-scale performance of SWORD currently shown in the MCU will not be up to the task of dealing with the multifaceted threats of the future.

This means that if The SWORD will be more important in the future of the MCU, they may not be a suitable choice to join the defense of the 616 universe against space attacks and versatile options. ARMOR fits that bill perfectly, hence their inclusion Marvel Zombies They could tease the MCU’s eventual entry into the live-action continuity, setting them up as the MCU’s new SHIELD in the run-up to a potentially multi-faceted war. ARMOR’s debut may also bring the much-anticipated team-up to the MCU, as they’ve brought together one version of the Midnight Sons in Marvel Comics.

Midnight Sons can be teased with ARMOR’s debut

Midnight's Sons in Marvel Comics

In the Marvel comics, the main version of the Midnight Sons was brought together by the Ghost Riders, Danny Ketch, and Johnny Blaze to fight the mother of all demons, Lilith, and her children. In the years following his 1992 debut, Midnight boys Several supernatural heroes and anti-heroes, including Doctor Strange, Nightwolf, Moon Knight and Blade, among others. In addition to basic continuity, the Marvel Zombies The storyline featured the formation of a new team, the Midnight Sons, to contain the zombie menace of Earth 616.

Marvel Studios has been teasing the formation of the Midnight Sons in the MCU by introducing several members of the team and the debut of ARMOR in recent MCU projects. Marvel Zombies could be another tease for the highly-anticipated team. Although this series is supposed to take place in a reality adjacent to the 616 universe, nothing can stop some aspects from being transferred to live action, especially Doctor Strange is a universe full of madness done Multiverse travel is possible in the MCU. Marvel Zombies will certainly be an interesting addition to the MCU franchise, but it may be more important than many expect.

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